Gardening How To

Gardening is a great hobby; share it with your kids or engage you old parents. Gardening will teach patience to your kids as there are no instant rewards. Your elderly parents on the other hand will love the thought that they are contributing something to the family.

Think small to start with. A flower garden near the door or from where you can see it from your favorite window will motivate you to keep on doing new things. Starting a garden should not be a problem with many because to start with you require only basic understanding and everything else follows automatically.

However, if it is your first effort to create a garden it is always helpful to have little bit of information about how to go about it. If you think that you know quite a lot about gardening, you may want to brush up your skills. In gardening, it always helps to keep in touch with what is new in hybrid seeds and new techniques for creating an organic garden.

How to Improve Quality of Soil

Fertility and texture are two most important components of good soil. Fertility refers to the essential nutrients in the soil and texture refers to the size and cohesiveness of the soil. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three primary nutrients used by plants to grow. Nitrogen content in the soil promotes health leaf and stem growth; phosphorous is crucial for growth of roots as well as...


How to Design a Garden

If you want to start a new garden you might have something very elaborate in mind but ask anyone who knows something about gardening and you will be told that the best way is to start small. Start small by choosing a good site depending upon the area where you are located. The choice of site depends upon what you want to grow. For growing vegetables you need to choose a site that gets at least s...


How to Create a Garden Bed: Flat or Raised

Just like any other garden, the first step is to choose a site. The site you choose should get at least six hours of exposure to warm sunlight every day unless you want only those plants that grow in shaded areas. Make sure that the area is flat and lends well to moving around without having to step on the plants. The site you have chosen to create a bed will probably have grass and/or least wee...


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