Basic Gardening Tools

Shovels and Trowels: There is a very fine distinction between the two and often used interchangeably. You can say that a small shovel may also be referred to as a trowel. You need shovels for moving large amount of soil and digging holes for planting. Large shovels with a flat top at the top are better as they provide better surface for your foot. A small shovel or trowel is needed when you have to go down on your knees for planting. Trowels with a steel blade last longer and a larger handle makes it easier to reach the farther end of a bed.

Pruning Shears: Also called hand pruners, pruning shears are scissors used with plants. They are strong enough to cut hard branches of trees and shrubs. A good pair of pruners will make your job easier as you need them for pruning, deadheading and shaping plants. Pruners are useful also because they make a clean cut without tearing or ripping. It is better to buy pruners with replaceable parts and blades that can be sharpened.

Hoes: Removing weeds is an integral part of gardening and cannot be avoided. It is easy to remove weeds with a hoe. You need a smaller size to get in between plants. Choose one with a rolled steel blade riveted to the handle. Hoes can also be used to break soil.

Water Cans and Hose: You cannot do without these two. There will be times when you will have to submerge the entire bed with water and you need a hose for that. There will also be times when you will need to sprinkle water for washing leaves and watering plants.



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