Gardening Tools and Supplies

If you want to make a job easier, you need to choose the right tool. This is important in all activities and gardening is no exception. Rather, gardening is one of those hobbies for which there is a long list of tools and supplies you will need from time to time. There are some heavy duty gardening jobs. You need to break new ground, remove sod and the till the garden by hand and a good tool makes all the difference.

A gardener will collect many tools over the years. Ask an old timer and you will be told that you need all of these and there is no way that you can garden unless you all the tools. However, the reality is that if you are new to gardening there is no need to spend money on buying all. There are few basic tools that will get you started.

Once you have created a garden, it will then be time to learn about what other tools and supplies you need. This will also depend upon on the size of the garden and the type of plants you have grown.

New Gardening Tools and Gadgets

Gardening is a versatile hobby and every gardening season there emerges a new toy for the avid gardener. These are usually designed when gardeners perceive a need and there is nothing available in the market to satisfy that need. Tool cleaner and lubricant: Cleaning and keeping your gardening tools in working order is quite a job and often ignored by many gardeners. The fact is that tools are ex...


Garden Forks

A good garden fork will stand you in good stead and help in loosening ground and turn soil over. It has a handle and several, usually four, strong tines. It is used in the same way as a spade but in many circumstances it is more appropriate s the tines make it easier to push it into the ground. It can be used to rake, take out weeds and stones and break up clods. There is a difference between a...


Basic Gardening Tools

Shovels and Trowels: There is a very fine distinction between the two and often used interchangeably. You can say that a small shovel may also be referred to as a trowel. You need shovels for moving large amount of soil and digging holes for planting. Large shovels with a flat top at the top are better as they provide better surface for your foot. A small shovel or trowel is needed when you have...


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